The Director Hon. Dr. Obara paid a visit to the Tissue Culture Banana demonstration farm at opanga village. Caregivers, Orphans and Vulnerable Children were present to express the impact of the farm on their nutritional and financial well being.The farm was established in September, 2018. It was the initiative of one of the Savings and Internal Lending Community (SILC) group known as Opanga SILC Group, which has a total of 25 caregivers.

NEWI facilitated the establishment of the Tissue Culture Banana demonstration farm as a learning platform through which the households may get knowledge and skills necessary for enhanced diversification in food production and improved dietary habits. This is because it was realized that households were incurring huge food bills due to the high food prices because maize being the staple food was in short supply. This left most households with limited options.

The farm is managed by the MWENDO program in partnership with the community members under the umbrella of the SILC group membership. The community has continued to offer their time and labor while the program provides the needed farm inputs, the seedlings and the expenses of the agricultural extension officers who have continued to provide specialized services in the farm.

The farm has educated over 1,978 caregiver households in Kwabwai ward with knowledge and skills to establish similar kitchen gardens at household level. The farm has been a steady source of banana seedlings to the caregiver households who transplant them in their individual farms.

The caregivers are supporting a total of 113 Orphans and vulnerable Children from the consumption and money obtained from the sale of the nutritious bananas obtained from the farm . Currently, there are 20 other SILC Groups that received tissue culture banana seedlings and have set up their farms from where they nurture them and would share the seedlings generated to ensure that all the caregivers have the bananas in their farms.

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