NEWI hosted a station day at Kisegi primary school on 18th January 2020 and subsequently at Dr. Mark Matunga Secondary School, Kiwa Island on 19th February 2020. The station day was meant to bring services closer to the orphans and vulnerable children enrolled in the USAID MWENDO program. NEWI is implementing the MWENDO program in Kwabwai Ward and Gwassi North Ward.

Several services were offered to the children in attendance and the caregivers that accompanied them. Mid Upper Arm Circumference was one of the services done, it aimed to assess the nutritional status of children aged below five years. Nutritional supplements and referrals were given to malnourished children. The caregivers to these children were also educated on proper feeding practices

Prototype risk screening was also administered to children that fell between twelve to seventeen years of age. The assessment gauged the level of exposure to new HIV infection. High scores in the prototype risk screening necessitated subsequent HIV test for the teenage children.

Adolescent talk was held with the teenage children that were present to encourage a positive outlook at various life challenges. This gave a convenient platform for the teenagers to speak freely and confidently as they met their peers that were facing similar situations.

The processing of Birth Certificates and NHIF cover was also being done. The fast-tracking of these applications was very crucial because many destitute families are unable to raise the processing fee for generation of birth certificates and the monthly NHIF payments respectively. Birth certificates shall enable children to start schooling on time and register for standard eight examinations since it is a requirement as mandated by the government.

Hon. Dr. Obara Eve, Dr. Matunga Mark and Dr. Okello Vallary addressed the attendants. They gave a brief overview of the program and its intended impact, encouraging the caregivers to utilize the NEWI staff and the services that were being availed through the program.

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