Children and teenagers affected by HIV/AIDS face many impediments and competing challenges regarding family, health, education, protection and economic stability. As a result of this, very many children end up completing Primary education, but fail to transition to High School  and beyond. This limits them from reaching their full potential and they will not have the capacity to change their respective communities. In standing passively, we not only fail these children, but the community as a whole.

NEWI seeks to avail quality education to vulnerable and destitute children who would have otherwise dropped out of school. The bursary initiative under the MWENDO program has reached out to children across fifty eight schools. The beneficiaries for the bursaries are selected in accordance to level of vulnerability. Orphans and children on care are often prioritized.

The intervention enables the children to meet several needs under the intervention. It enables children that are totally orphaned to enjoy boarding facilities where they have uninterrupted learning, children on care get steady access to nutritious meals, uniforms and scholastic materials are also provided .

Educational status is an important indicator of children’s well-being and future life opportunities. It can predict growth potential and economic viability of a state. While this is an ideal situation for all children, the case may be different for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) due to the challenges they go through on a daily basis.

The intervention’s overall objective is creating a conducive environment for viral suppression among children and teenagers affected by HIV/AIDS through nutrition, accommodation and social support that comes with the school environment. Additionally, it aims to avail education that will enable disadvantaged teenagers to grow into productive adults that will positively impact the society.

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